About Me

At first "Blog LM" is located at lingkarmerah.blogspot.com and then in October 2014 to lingkarmerah.com. Not much to tell about me here, maybe a little bit about me is an employee of a private company engaged in the field of education consultancy in the city of Depok. I know the world of blogging has not been long enough, but little more can I learn from blogging activities, such as studying SEO and trying to pour a series of words that is in my head into a knowledge that might be useful to others.

In the blog world, I am a beginner, or more commonly known as a newbie, with little knowledge of SEO I tried their luck in some of the seo contest like Century 21 Broker Properti Jual Beli Sewa Rumah Indonesia and while continuing to learn and grow with a variety of basic and advanced SEO techniques. Hopefully the SEO contest can give spirit to continue to learn, learn, and learn especially if it can be one winner. I continue to be supported, OK ...!!!

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